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Boston Schools

1. Boston University: A well-known private research and academic institution located near the Charles River and Back Bay.  
2. Boston Latin School: The oldest public school in the nation. It was founded in 1635. Although it is a public school, it often has the ...  
3. Harvard College: Founded in 1636, this is America's first college and is seen as a bastion of academic excellence throughout the cou...  
4. Berklee College of Music: A very prestigious musical academy in Boston.  
5. Bunk: Bunker Hill Community College. A community college in Boston that is often ridiculed.  
6. MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the world's most prestigious colleges.  
7. Tufts: A renowned school in Boston. It is known for its business program.  
8. Northeastern: A college in Boston that is known for its arts program.  
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