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1. Baahston: Local pronunciation of "Boston".  
2. Southie: This refers to a person from South Boston. Many Southies are generally Irish in ethnicity. They have the stereoty...  
3. Cambridge: An area across the Charles River, best known for its two premier learning institutions, Harvard and MIT.  
4. Beacon Hill: One of the most affluent and historic residential neighborhoods in the city; located just north of Boston Commons.  
5. Rat, The: Short for the Rathskeller, a legendary underground (in both senses of the word) music venue in Kenmore square, esta...  
6. Faneuil Hall Marketplace: A true Boston institution; a cobblestone promenade lined with shops, restaurants and amusements, the sheer variety ...  
7. Fanueuil Hall: Although the entire Fanueuil Hall Marketplace is often referred to as simply "Fanueil Hall", the original Faneuil H...  
8. Quincy Market: Part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, added as an expansion to the original Faneuil Hall in 1826 and designed in th...  
9. Science Museum, The: Common reference to the Boston Museum of Science, a hub of research,education, and invention, but most importantly,...  
10. Harvard Square: A hub of activity crawling with academic-types who frequent the bookstores, cafes, and other nearby stores.  
11. Harvard Yard: A famous set of square, old-style brick buildings draped with ivy, on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.  
12. Haymarket: A huge open-air weekend market, offering quite a decent variety of fruits and vegetables at excellent prices.  
13. Mapparium: A really neat if slightly geeky amusement, where one can walk inside a three-story-high glass globe (circa 1935).  
14. Copley Square: A plaza in the Back Bay area surrounded by historic buildings, including the Boston Library.  
15. Man Ray: An underground goth-industrial-kink club on Brookline Street.  
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