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1. Clicka: Remote Control.  
2. Troopahs: Troopers, police officers.  
3. Baahston: Local pronunciation of "Boston".  
4. Wicked: 3. Could also be used for "really" Ex: Baahston to Prahvidence is fah, but it's nahwt wicked fah.  
5. Carriage: Shopping cart.  
6. 18-1: The New England Patriots' record in 2007 after going a perfect 16-0 in the regular season. It's a joke that non-Pat...  
7. Meat, Fish and Vegetarian friendly!: FiRE + iCE is a revolution in dining. An engaging experience that casts off the boredom and sameness of casual din...
8. Dungarees: Blue Jeans  
9. Southie: This refers to a person from South Boston. Many Southies are generally Irish in ethnicity. They have the stereoty...  
10. Nickel Chasers: Taxi cabs.  
11. Freedom Trail: A walking 'tour' marked by red bricks leading through downtown Boston and sixteen major historical landmarks.  
12. Blinkah: Blinker; automobile turn signal.  
13. Bahn: Garage  
14. Barrel: Garbage can  
15. Basement: A school restroom.  
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