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Boston Organizations & Teams

1. Troopahs: Troopers, police officers.  
2. Sox: Nickname for the Boston Red Sox, Boston's professional baseball team.  
3. Boston Celtics: Boston's own NBA (basketball) team.  
4. B's, The: Nickname for the Boston Bruins hockey team.  
5. Staties: Boston slang for the Massachusetts State Police. This term was used multiple times in the recent Scorsese film "The...  
6. Red Sox: The major icon of the city of Boston. The city's baseball team. This team unites the people of Boston.  
7. Curse, The: Refers to the curse of the Boston Red Sox because of their inability to win the World Series. This stems from the ...  
8. Celts: Nickname for the Boston Celtics in everyday Boston language.  
9. Bo Sox: Bo Sox is short for the Boston Red Sox. The 'Bo' part is highly unnecessary in Boston, as Bostonians will never ref...  
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