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Boston Food & Drink

1. 30 Rack: A case of beer.  
2. suppah: dinner  
3. Jimmies: Bostonian for 'sprinkles', the type used to garnish ice cream cones.  
4. Coke: Any type of soda.  
5. Tonic: Tonic is the common generic term in Boston for soft drink.  
6. Spuckie: I remember an Italian variety store and sandwich shop next to the Green Shoe factory. The workers used to come over...  
7. drink, The: The Drink - Booze/Alcohol "he has a problem with the drink"  
8. keggah: Drunken party featuring keg(s) of beer.  
9. Fluffernutter: A peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. Fluff was created by Archibald Query in 1917 in Somerville, MA. htt...  
10. Grinder: Sandwich.  
11. Boston Baked Beans: Boston is famous for its baked beans; here, they are made with molasses and onions, and seasoned with salt pork or ...  
12. Boston Clam Chowder: The traditional Boston chowder is generally a very rich, cream-based variety made with clams (of course) and potato...  
13. Hamburg: Hamburger meat/ground beef  
14. Frappe: Milkshake  
15. American Chop Suey: Macaroni casserole with ground beef and tomato sauce.  
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