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76. John Winthrop: The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony back when Boston was first founded.  
77. Bean Town: Another nickname for Boston. This refers to the amount of beans that the city consumes.  
78. Bostonians: A book written by Henry James that outlines aristocratic life in Boston.  
79. Mass Pike: aka "the pike"  
80. Guster: An Indie rock band that originated in the Boston area and is now quite famous.  
81. Ben Affleck: Perhaps the most famous actor to hail from Boston.  
82. Bunk: Bunker Hill Community College. A community college in Boston that is often ridiculed.  
83. MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the world's most prestigious colleges.  
84. Tufts: A renowned school in Boston. It is known for its business program.  
85. Northeastern: A college in Boston that is known for its arts program.  
86. Christopher Columbus Park: A notable park that overlooks the Bay on the East side of the city.  
87. Haymarket Square: A market in Boston that has historical roots. it now sells produce and other such vegetables.  
88. Government Center: A major plaza in Boston that serves as a crossover point for the T. There is generally live music outside in the s...  
89. Allston: The neighborhood in Western Boston that consists of mainly college students from BC and BU.  
90. Phoenix: The Phoenix. A Boston newspaper much like the Weekly Dig. This newspaper is primarily read by college students an...  
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A word that originated from the language of the Choctaw natives of the Gulf Coast. It means close friend, originally meaning "suckling brother", which could be your blood brother, or simply someone you grew up with.

A nickname originally given to the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp by its Confederate prisoners. Hellmira can still be used as a derogatory term for the city of Elmira itself.

A spuckie is a word used to describe a submarine (sub) sandwich. It comes from the Italian word "spucadella" which is an italian sandwich roll. It most likely came from the Italians in the North End and elsewhere...

The best time for the Waste Disposal services to strike is the hottest days in summer, with trash cooking in the sun; the best time for MTA workers to strike is at the height of Christmas Shopping. And they do.

Combination of the words "tourist" and "moron" to describe the many loud, obnoxious tourists who visit the Outer Banks