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61. Newbury Street: One of Boston's main attractions. This street is a great mix of fashionable shopping areas along with beautiful Bo...  
62. Gardens, The: The Boston Gardens. This is adjacent to the Boston Commons and is one of the most gorgeous parts of the city. Man...  
63. Charles River, The: The river running through Boston. It flows right by Harvard and out into the Harbor.  
64. Berklee College of Music: A very prestigious musical academy in Boston.  
65. Abandoned Hospital Ship, The: A local India band that has been playing around the Boston College/Boston University area. They have formed a wide...  
66. Green Monster: The left-field wall of Fenway Park. This is extremely daunting to opposing teams and a landmark that Boston fans a...  
67. Red Sox: The major icon of the city of Boston. The city's baseball team. This team unites the people of Boston.  
68. Curse, The: Refers to the curse of the Boston Red Sox because of their inability to win the World Series. This stems from the ...  
69. Celts: Nickname for the Boston Celtics in everyday Boston language.  
70. Dig: Boston Weekly Dig. A weekly newspaper in Boston that is extremely popular among college students. It focuses on a...  
71. Orpheum, The: The Orpheum Theatre. A major venue for concerts and other entertainment. Very popular among college students atte...  
72. Boston Marathon: The Boston Marathon is a race that occurs every year in April and is deemed a very prestigious marathon.  
73. First Night: A major event taking place on New Year's Eve in Boston. New Years is crazy in Boston because of the art and music ...  
74. Saint Patrick's Day Parade: The St. Patrick's Day Parade is very popular because of Boston's large Irish population.  
75. Gillette: Perhaps the biggest international business that is located in Boston. Gillette makes razors for shaving. Gillette...  
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Adjective used to describe the state of Illinois, whether it be a reference to corrupt politics, aggressive drivers, Cubs fans, or anything else objectionable.

1. The Japanese cherry tree that makes the National Cherry Blossom Festival possible. The festival first started in 1934 to commemorate the mayor of Tokyo's gift of 3,000 sakuras to the city of Washington, D.C. The number of trees has since grown to over 6,000.

2. Japanese cherry tree.

Many suspected Chris Rock of basketball skill whenever UW guard Kammron Taylor took to the court. Kammron Taylor is a spittin' image of the famous comic.

Sarcastic reference to Santa Monica's tenant-friendly rent-control laws. The expression is popular among landlords in Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles.

1. Flip-flops. Origin: the Spanish word "chancletas", meaning sandals.

2. Flip-flops