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226. New England Patriots: Official name for the National Football League team in Foxborough, MA. Part of the American Football Conference (A...  
227. Faneuil Hall Marketplace: A true Boston institution; a cobblestone promenade lined with shops, restaurants and amusements, the sheer variety ...  
228. Fanueuil Hall: Although the entire Fanueuil Hall Marketplace is often referred to as simply "Fanueil Hall", the original Faneuil H...  
229. Quincy Market: Part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, added as an expansion to the original Faneuil Hall in 1826 and designed in th...  
230. Cah: The Boston pronunciation of 'car'.  
231. Grinder: Sandwich.  
232. Dungarees: Blue Jeans  
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A nickname for the city of Indianapolis, a reference to the circular shape of its city limits.

The infamous NYC street vendor hot dog, generally Sabrett's brand shoved haphazardly into a soggy bun and topped with a variety of gloppy condiments. The consumption of this NYC grab-and-go staple is almost an urban rite of passage and the Manhattan version of Russian Roulette.

A mythical six-legged cat; the mascot of Conway High School.

Refers to the extensive Internet resources offered by the Library of Congress.

Tacoma's claim to fame, caused by the gross, caustic fumes from the local paper mill. Although sulfur emissions have been greatly reduced, the Tacoma Aroma can still be smelled in the city, depending on which way the wind is blowing.