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196. Light Dawns over Marblehead: The point of lucidity in a conversation  
197. Luft: A Lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department.  
198. Cabbage Night: Taking place the night before Halloween, youngsters take the opportunity to hurl foodstuffs (like eggs and cabbage,...  
199. Calm Ya Liwa: Calm down; relax.  
200. Cape, The: Cape Cod  
201. Boston Cream: The official Massachusetts State Donut; sort of like a jelly donut with cream in the center instead of jelly, and t...  
202. Chowderhead: A group of Adults/Parents in MA that secretly and privately enjoy a Bohemian lifestyle unjudged by laws that vary b...  
203. Combat Zone, The: The former "red light" district between Downtown Crossing and Chinatown.  
204. Beacon Hill: One of the most affluent and historic residential neighborhoods in the city; located just north of Boston Commons.  
205. Rat, The: Short for the Rathskeller, a legendary underground (in both senses of the word) music venue in Kenmore square, esta...  
206. Tonic: Tonic is the common generic term in Boston for soft drink.  
207. Southie: This refers to a person from South Boston. Many Southies are generally Irish in ethnicity. They have the stereoty...  
208. Cambridge: An area across the Charles River, best known for its two premier learning institutions, Harvard and MIT.  
209. Sox: Nickname for the Boston Red Sox, Boston's professional baseball team.  
210. So don't I: A negative-positive form of "So do I."  
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The nickname for the Brookland neighborhood due to its Catholic heritage.

Recently becoming trendy, this is an area of Brooklyn just over the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges from Manhattan. The letters stand for: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

Nickname for the city of Las Vegas.

Nickname for Hillsboro, a suburb due west of Portland. Vastly cheaper to live than the city, Hillsboro suffers most from being just a normal suburb and not some swanky bubble (like the Pearl). Also a strong showing of Hispanics.

1. Nickname for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (or some claim the entire city of Oshkosh) referring to their heavy drinking reputation.

2. Strangely, in an effort to more closely monitor their public reputation, The University of Wisconsin has actually registered the trademarks "Sloshkosh", "UW-0", and "UW-Zero".