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196. B's, The: Nickname for the Boston Bruins hockey team.  
197. Quality: Adjective meaning, somewhat ironically, "worthless".  
198. Eastie: Short for "East Boston", the section directly across Boston Harbor from the downtown area.  
199. Flal Out Laughing: Laughing hysterically  
200. Four H-er: Refers to someone who received their undergraduate degree at Harvard, and then continued their studies at Harvard M...  
201. Lake, The: Nickname for the Village of Nonantum, located in the Newton area.  
202. Light Dawns over Marblehead: The point of lucidity in a conversation  
203. Luft: A Lieutenant in the Boston Fire Department.  
204. Cabbage Night: Taking place the night before Halloween, youngsters take the opportunity to hurl foodstuffs (like eggs and cabbage,...  
205. Calm Ya Liwa: Calm down; relax.  
206. Cape, The: Cape Cod  
207. Boston Cream: The official Massachusetts State Donut; sort of like a jelly donut with cream in the center instead of jelly, and t...  
208. Chowderhead: A group of Adults/Parents in MA that secretly and privately enjoy a Bohemian lifestyle unjudged by laws that vary b...  
209. Combat Zone, The: The former "red light" district between Downtown Crossing and Chinatown.  
210. Beacon Hill: One of the most affluent and historic residential neighborhoods in the city; located just north of Boston Commons.  
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Local nickname for the off-price retailer "Ross Dress for Less." Ross Stores is headquartered in nearby Pleasanton, CA, and also operates dd's Discounts. Since these stores offer prices even lower than the Dress for Less stores, they call them "dd's," which stands for "deep discounts." Of course this makes the name redundant (Deep Discount's Discounts).

"Barney"; A Harvard Student, or when used more generally, a Cambridge Resident.

A loony conspiracy that implicates Denver's airport in an elaborate scheme to start a cleansing of all but two billion people in the world via a wide-scale germ warfare set off by the "New World Order"

San Antonio is the only U.S. city with five Spanish missions. These historical structures served as the first foundations of the city (the Alamo is the oldest, built in 1718) along the San Antonio River.

A key ingredient for the infamous 'triple-bypass' breakfast sandwich; a sliced salami-like deli meat wrapped in a cloth...Trenton's ubiquitous mystery meat.