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181. Basement: A school restroom.  
182. Bazo: A drunk.  
183. Big Dig: Refers to the problems caused when I-93 was to be put under construction. There was a terrible allocation of funds...  
184. Bobos: Boat shoes.  
185. Bohmah: A very smart person.  
186. Book: Run very fast, to or away from something.  
187. Bucka: A stupid person; short for "bucket head".  
188. Bulkie: A soft, fluffy roll.  
189. Ahbs, The: Nickname for the Arnold Arboretum.  
190. B's, The: Nickname for the Boston Bruins hockey team.  
191. Quality: Adjective meaning, somewhat ironically, "worthless".  
192. Eastie: Short for "East Boston", the section directly across Boston Harbor from the downtown area.  
193. Flal Out Laughing: Laughing hysterically  
194. Four H-er: Refers to someone who received their undergraduate degree at Harvard, and then continued their studies at Harvard M...  
195. Lake, The: Nickname for the Village of Nonantum, located in the Newton area.  
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A play on Alex Rodriguez's nickname, "A-Rod". Rodriguez first got the nickname after signing an excessive $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers for ten years, starting in 2001. The nickname has followed him to the New York Yankees, where he was traded in 2004. His 2008 salary was $28,000,000.

Rubber Bands.

This is the proper pronunciation with emphasis on the first syllable, NOT the second. We are not a city in Germany nor are we the same as New Berlin.

Pronounced (da BOAT uhv uhm) it simply means "the both of them" in Milwaukee-speak.

The Dirty Bird is a celebratory dance popularized by ex-Atlanta Falcons star Jamal Anderson. Anderson, who was known for his colorful antics on and off the field (much like Muhammad Ali, whom he knew as a child), would execute this goofy dance in the end zone after touchdowns. The "Dirty Birds", when plural, can refer to the Atlanta Falcons football team and its players.