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166. Frappe: Milkshake  
167. Blinkah: Blinker; automobile turn signal.  
168. Boston Celtics: Boston's own NBA (basketball) team.  
169. Back Bay: A trendy residential area west of Boston Commons.  
170. Mapparium: A really neat if slightly geeky amusement, where one can walk inside a three-story-high glass globe (circa 1935).  
171. Copley Square: A plaza in the Back Bay area surrounded by historic buildings, including the Boston Library.  
172. Across the River: On the other side of the Charles River; can have a derogatory connotation.  
173. All Set: Done or ready to do something.  
174. American Chop Suey: Macaroni casserole with ground beef and tomato sauce.  
175. Mass Ave: Massachusetts Avenue  
176. Comm Ave: Commonwealth Avenue  
177. Man Ray: An underground goth-industrial-kink club on Brookline Street.  
178. B'daydas: Potatoes  
179. Bahn: Garage  
180. Bahnie: One of the obnoxious, high-brow "smarter-than-thou" elitists of Cambridge who think themselves above the rules the ...  
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Manhattanites refer to those who commute into Manhattan by bridge or by tunnel as "B&T"s, occasionally as an indication of someone who is "not a real Manhattanite", and/or "pays a more reasonable rent or mortgage"

Stretch of Peachtree Rd in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta that is marked by the presence of a number of large churches built close together.

1. Officially called the "The Great Dane Duck Blind", this is of the ways you can watch the Madison Mallards baseball team. The Duck Blind tickets include all you can eat food and all you can drink beverages (beer and soda). Of course there is plenty of Great Dane beer.

2. They call it the "Duck Blind" because nobody watches the games. I was there last night and almost got hit in the head by an errant foul ball. Having my life flash before my eyes was just an added bonus to an already great time. The entrance fee is a little spendy ($30 with beer, or $25 for just soda), but you can eat and drink all you want for several hours, and maybe even watch some baseball if you care to take a gander. (Yes, that's Mallard humor.)

A "Bourbon Heritage Center" that traces the historical roots of bourbon and whiskey in pioneer times.

Nickname for Atlanta that comes from the generally sticky-hot weather in the city.