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136. Saint Patrick's Day Parade: The St. Patrick's Day Parade is very popular because of Boston's large Irish population.  
137. Gillette: Perhaps the biggest international business that is located in Boston. Gillette makes razors for shaving. Gillette...  
138. John Winthrop: The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony back when Boston was first founded.  
139. Bean Town: Another nickname for Boston. This refers to the amount of beans that the city consumes.  
140. Bostonians: A book written by Henry James that outlines aristocratic life in Boston.  
141. Mass Pike: aka "the pike"  
142. Guster: An Indie rock band that originated in the Boston area and is now quite famous.  
143. Ben Affleck: Perhaps the most famous actor to hail from Boston.  
144. Bunk: Bunker Hill Community College. A community college in Boston that is often ridiculed.  
145. MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the world's most prestigious colleges.  
146. Tufts: A renowned school in Boston. It is known for its business program.  
147. Northeastern: A college in Boston that is known for its arts program.  
148. Christopher Columbus Park: A notable park that overlooks the Bay on the East side of the city.  
149. Haymarket Square: A market in Boston that has historical roots. it now sells produce and other such vegetables.  
150. Government Center: A major plaza in Boston that serves as a crossover point for the T. There is generally live music outside in the s...  
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"Who dat?" is the shorthand version of a cheer for the New Orleans Saints football team (2009 NFC Champs!). The entire cheer is: "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?" This phrase has been popularized by the New Orleans Saints, especially this year now that our dominant Saints team is hitting it big on the national stage.

1. The Sausage Race is one of my favorite parts of a Brewers game. The race, sponsored by Klement's Sausage Company, features 5 moscots: Italian Sausage, Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Polish Sausage and Chorizo. The mascots run around the field and fans get to guess the winner. Only in Wisconsin!

2. The sausages have additional names: Brett Wurst...

The young woman who serves as Minnesota's state dairy princess wears the title of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, a name selected in a Department of Agriculture contest over fifty years ago. Princess Kay is crowned each August the night before the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, and she makes appearances not only during the Fair's 12-day run, but all year long. She is generally the daughter of dairy farmers. While at the fair, both Princess Kay and the runner-ups sit in a refrigerator in the Empire Commons building and have a replica of their head sculpted out of butter.

An Atlantic City namesake because of its role as the inspiration for the Parker Brothers board game.

The technical definition is an adjective used to describe something as cheap or inferior. New Yorkers use it as a term encompassing all of the souvenirs sold in Times Square that tourists take home with them to remind them of their trip to New York City. (I mean, what else would you call a melamine ash tray shaped like a yellow taxi?) AKA kitsch. Individual items of schlock or kitsch are known as tchotchkes.