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1. Absynthe: A highly-alcoholic distilled spirit made from the wormwood herb and rumored to have hallucinogenic properties (alth...  
2. Acme Oyster House World Champion Oyster Eating Contest: Famous oyster eating contest in the New Orleans area.  
3. 'Aints: The former nickname for the New Orleans Saints before their recent greatness behind quarterback Drew Brees.  
4. Alligator Pear: A Merliton we stuff it with shrimp, crawfish or crab stuffing and eat it.  
5. Andouille: A spicy Cajun sausage.  
6. Anne Rice: The famous author of "Interview With the Vampire" was born and raised in New Orleans, and indeed her popular "Vampi...  
7. Audubon Zoo: A 58-acre zoo in Uptown New Orleans, named for the famous New Orleans naturalist.  
8. Bananas Foster: Then it is caught on fire.  
9. Barq's: A popular local root beer.  
10. Bayou: Bayou to a local refers to Bayou St John, which runs along City Park  
11. Beads: In a Mardi Gras tradition of questionable taste and legality, female partiers are offered beads (usually by male re...  
12. Beau Coup: pronounced boo-koo: means a lot  
13. Beignet: A french-style doughnut, typically dusted with powdered sugar and accompanied by a cup of chicaory-laced cafe au la...  
14. Big Easy, The: Nickname for New Orleans as a contrast with the "Big Apple" because of New Orleans' relatively easygoing pace of li...  
15. Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World: Where was the Blair Kern's original storage and construction site?  
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