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New Orleans Places

1. French Quarter: The oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, and the only section of the city where streets run in a grid and a nexus fo...  
2. Mid-City: Mid-City is one of the largest of New Orleans' 73 neighborhoods, and one of its most diverse. The neighborhood ext...  
3. Gentilly: New Orleans East when Read Blvd was just Read Rd and a dirt road, Haynes Blvd was a shell road was called Gentilly....  
4. Congo Square: Town square in the Treme neighborhood where slaves used to meet on Sundays to dance.  
5. NOLA: An endearing term for New Orleans.  
6. Café du Monde: The oldest coffeehouse in New Orleans, famous for beignets and chicory-laced coffee.
7. Cities of the Dead: New Orleans cemeteries (due to the high water table, people in New Orleans are buried above ground).  
8. Storyville: Storyville is now a Children's fair inside City Park.  
9. St. Louis Cathedral: The oldest cathedral in North America, founded in 1720, sits on the banks of the Mississippi in New Orleans.  
10. Audubon Zoo: A 58-acre zoo in Uptown New Orleans, named for the famous New Orleans naturalist.  
11. Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World: Where was the Blair Kern's original storage and construction site?  
12. French Market: America's oldest city market, established in 1791 on the banks of the Mississippi.  
13. Jackson Square: A historic park in the French Quarter named for General Andrew Jackson, and a gathering place for street artists, m...  
14. Greenwich Village of the South, The: Another name for New Orleans, in reference to its popularity with many prolific writers including William Faulkner,...  
15. UCM: A weird roadside attraction near New Orleans that bills itself as "Louisiana's Most Eccentric Museum".  
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