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New Orleans Buildings

1. Warehouse and Arts District: The "SoHo of the South", since 1976's opening of the Contemporary Arts Center.  
2. St. Charles, The: The Royal St. Charles Hotel, a 'contemporary boutique hotel' located near Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.  
3. Lakeside: A shopping center that offers tax-free shopping for international visitors at its over 120 stores.  
4. St. Louis Cathedral: The oldest cathedral in North America, founded in 1720, sits on the banks of the Mississippi in New Orleans.  
5. Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World: Where was the Blair Kern's original storage and construction site?  
6. Creole Cottage: A style of house that includes features such as a gabled roof, four square rooms with no hallway, and shuttered doo...  
7. Shotgun House: A style of house with a center hallway running from the front door to the back door that you "could fire a shotgun ...  
8. Central Grocery: An Italian grocery on Decatur Street rumored to have the best darn muffulettas in New Orleans.  
9. Preservation Hall: A classic New Orleans Music Hall that features nightly jazz concerts.  
10. Steamboat House: A style of home in New Orleans reminiscent of life on the Mississippi; the first of its kind was built in 1875, and...  
11. Maple Street Book Store, The: What's not to love about this 40 year old, Uptown New Orleans bookstore whose motto is "Fight the Stupids!".  
12. UCM: A weird roadside attraction near New Orleans that bills itself as "Louisiana's Most Eccentric Museum".  
13. Hotel Monteleone: A historic French Quartet hotel that has been in operation since the late 1800s.  
New Orleans Tagline
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