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31. Riverside, The: The Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel, located on the bank of the Mississippi.  
32. Uptown: A large area in New Orleans comprised of several neighborhoods on the Mississippi's eastern bank that fall between ...  
33. Fais-do-do: While driving a rented car down the Mississippi, I came to an Antebellum mansion, with grand Dames dressed in Pre C...  
34. Fauborg: Faubourg is a "neighborhood" Several neighborhoods uptown officially have the name faubourg in it, but are often l...  
35. Gris-gris: Voodoo spells.  
36. Marie Laveau: The legendary voodoo queen of New Orleans.  
37. Gumbo ya-ya: a mix of different a how gumbo is a mix of different foods and spices.  
38. Yat: Local dialect  
39. Vieux CarÅ•e: The French Quarter.  
40. Swamp: A low, marshy wetland.  
41. Secondline: A group of people who follow a brass band down the street while swinging handkerchiefs over their heads and doing a...  
42. Pass a good time: Party, live it up.  
43. Pro bono publico: For the common good (motto of Rex, King of Carnival).  
44. Picayune: Local Newspaper  
45. Parish: A parish is actually Louisiana speak for 'county'. The Orleans Parish shares the same boundaries as the New Orleans...  
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On July 30th, 2009, Harvard professor Robert Louis Gates and Cambridge police officer James Crowley had a private discussion (and some beers) with Barack Obama at the White House after Gates' famous July 16th arrest. This meeting has been called the "Beer Summit" by amused onlookers.