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31. Riverside, The: The Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel, located on the bank of the Mississippi.  
32. Uptown: A large area in New Orleans comprised of several neighborhoods on the Mississippi's eastern bank that fall between ...  
33. Fais-do-do: While driving a rented car down the Mississippi, I came to an Antebellum mansion, with grand Dames dressed in Pre C...  
34. Fauborg: Faubourg is a "neighborhood" Several neighborhoods uptown officially have the name faubourg in it, but are often l...  
35. Gris-gris: Voodoo spells.  
36. Marie Laveau: The legendary voodoo queen of New Orleans.  
37. Gumbo ya-ya: a mix of different a how gumbo is a mix of different foods and spices.  
38. Yat: Local dialect  
39. Vieux CarÅ•e: The French Quarter.  
40. Swamp: A low, marshy wetland.  
41. Secondline: A group of people who follow a brass band down the street while swinging handkerchiefs over their heads and doing a...  
42. Pass a good time: Party, live it up.  
43. Pro bono publico: For the common good (motto of Rex, King of Carnival).  
44. Picayune: Local Newspaper  
45. Parish: A parish is actually Louisiana speak for 'county'. The Orleans Parish shares the same boundaries as the New Orleans...  
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Short for 'Triangle Below Canal Street'

A cheesesteak with Provolone cheese and onions.

The intersection of Stewart Avenue and 17th Avenue on Wausau's Southwest side, known because there are so many stoplight that the intersection is lit up like a Christmas tree. The intersection used to hold some sort of record for the number of lights used, but construction has since decreased the actual number (although there are still a lot).

A bunch of crazies jumping into Lake Monona for the Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge is an event for the benefit of the Special Olympics during which participants jump into a swimming hole in Lake Monona. Since the event takes place in late February (February 20th, 2010 at Olin Park), the lake is always frozen solid. Only the bravest (craziest) of souls dare jump. For many, sponsoring a "plunger" is the best way to participate in this very Wisconsinesque activity.

A type of relish made primarily from peppers, beans and onions.