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16. City Park: A 1300 acre park in the heart of New Orleans that features a Botanical Garden, an Amusement Park, and other recreat...  
17. Party Central: Refers to the raucous nightlife of Bourbon Street.  
18. Mardi Gras: The most famous event in New Orleans, essentially one humongous free party that includes a parade and costumed reve...  
19. Emeril: Celebrated Chef Emeril Lagasse, a pop-culture icon for New Orleans-style cooking. Emeril's "Homebase" (the corpora...  
20. Chef Paul Prudomme: A Celebrity Chef specializing in Louisiana cuisine, owner of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen restaurant in the French Qu...  
21. Pralines: A confectionery dessert made with pecans, vanilla, sugar, evaporated milk, and butter.  
22. Crawfish: A little crustacean that is usually boiled and then consumed in mass quantities.  
23. Central Business District: The New Orleans version of a 'downtown' area.  
24. Warehouse and Arts District: The "SoHo of the South", since 1976's opening of the Contemporary Arts Center.  
25. Magazine Street: A landmark New Orleans shopping area that features boutiques, quirky shops, antique stores, galleries, and restaura...  
26. St. Charles, The: The Royal St. Charles Hotel, a 'contemporary boutique hotel' located near Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.  
27. Bayou: Bayou to a local refers to Bayou St John, which runs along City Park  
28. Cajun: Cajun's do not live in the city of New Orleans or the surronding parishes. They live north of New Orleans, more cen...  
29. Cities of the Dead: New Orleans cemeteries (due to the high water table, people in New Orleans are buried above ground).  
30. Lakeside: A shopping center that offers tax-free shopping for international visitors at its over 120 stores.  
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A baked casserole dish that is commonly eaten in Minnesota homes. Popular varieties include Tator Tot hotdish, Party Potatoes (aka Funeral Potatoes), Green Bean casserole and Wild Rice casserole. Many of these are cooked with Campbell's Soup such as Cream of Chicken.

A local motto in recent years used to promote the city’s eccentricity and diversity. It's featured on innumerable bumper stickers and t-shirts.

1. The Sausage Race is one of my favorite parts of a Brewers game. The race, sponsored by Klement's Sausage Company, features 5 moscots: Italian Sausage, Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Polish Sausage and Chorizo. The mascots run around the field and fans get to guess the winner. Only in Wisconsin!

2. The sausages have additional names: Brett Wurst...

An Atlantic City namesake because of its role as the inspiration for the Parker Brothers board game.

As used in Pittsburgh, the word means "lately" or "currently" as in "The gas prices are outrageous anymore."