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16. City Park: A 1300 acre park in the heart of New Orleans that features a Botanical Garden, an Amusement Park, and other recreat...  
17. Party Central: Refers to the raucous nightlife of Bourbon Street.  
18. Mardi Gras: The most famous event in New Orleans, essentially one humongous free party that includes a parade and costumed reve...  
19. Emeril: Celebrated Chef Emeril Lagasse, a pop-culture icon for New Orleans-style cooking. Emeril's "Homebase" (the corpora...  
20. Chef Paul Prudomme: A Celebrity Chef specializing in Louisiana cuisine, owner of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen restaurant in the French Qu...  
21. Pralines: A confectionery dessert made with pecans, vanilla, sugar, evaporated milk, and butter.  
22. Crawfish: A little crustacean that is usually boiled and then consumed in mass quantities.  
23. Central Business District: The New Orleans version of a 'downtown' area.  
24. Warehouse and Arts District: The "SoHo of the South", since 1976's opening of the Contemporary Arts Center.  
25. Magazine Street: A landmark New Orleans shopping area that features boutiques, quirky shops, antique stores, galleries, and restaura...  
26. St. Charles, The: The Royal St. Charles Hotel, a 'contemporary boutique hotel' located near Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.  
27. Bayou: Bayou to a local refers to Bayou St John, which runs along City Park  
28. Cajun: Cajun's do not live in the city of New Orleans or the surronding parishes. They live north of New Orleans, more cen...  
29. Cities of the Dead: New Orleans cemeteries (due to the high water table, people in New Orleans are buried above ground).  
30. Lakeside: A shopping center that offers tax-free shopping for international visitors at its over 120 stores.  
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