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151. Parking Nazi: Meter Maids, parking enforcement officer  
152. Dressed: How you can get a po-boy; includes pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.  
153. Gentilly: New Orleans East when Read Blvd was just Read Rd and a dirt road, Haynes Blvd was a shell road was called Gentilly....  
154. Where yat?: Means "where are you," "how you doin," etc.  
155. Tulane University: A good private university in New Orleans. While the quality of its programs is certainly up there, many alumni over...  
156. Beignet: A french-style doughnut, typically dusted with powdered sugar and accompanied by a cup of chicaory-laced cafe au la...  
157. NOLA: An endearing term for New Orleans.  
158. Forever New Orleans: A primetime television show that broadcasts New Orleans-focused material to an international audience.  
159. Beads: In a Mardi Gras tradition of questionable taste and legality, female partiers are offered beads (usually by male re...  
160. Café du Monde: The oldest coffeehouse in New Orleans, famous for beignets and chicory-laced coffee.
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Local nickname for the off-price retailer "Ross Dress for Less." Ross Stores is headquartered in nearby Pleasanton, CA, and also operates dd's Discounts. Since these stores offer prices even lower than the Dress for Less stores, they call them "dd's," which stands for "deep discounts." Of course this makes the name redundant (Deep Discount's Discounts).

She-had-a-boy-again is a play on the Sheboygan's name. I heard of this recently when speaking with a friend of mine who's a Sheboygan native. As far as my friend knows, the meaning doesn't go any deeper than the phonetic relationship.

1. Water moccasin-infested

2. Adj. describing dark, murky areas along the banks of Barton Creek in which water moccasins may lurk. For use when evaluating swimming holes.

1. A mother of youth hockey players or a cheesy political gimmick to help mobilize the conservative base of the Republican Party for the 2008 Presidential Election.

2. The Alaskan version of "soccer mom" that was popularized on the national stage by Sarah Palin, former Wasilla mayor and current VP candidate on the Republican ticket. Palin said at the Republican National Convention: "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?....LIPSTICK!"

A nickname for Portland given by none other than George Bush and his staff. Every time he would visit there would be such protests and demonstrations that he did not return to Portland when seeking reelection in 2004; but sent other staff members to gain support.