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151. Parking Nazi: Meter Maids, parking enforcement officer  
152. Dressed: How you can get a po-boy; includes pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.  
153. Gentilly: New Orleans East when Read Blvd was just Read Rd and a dirt road, Haynes Blvd was a shell road was called Gentilly....  
154. Where yat?: Means "where are you," "how you doin," etc.  
155. Tulane University: A good private university in New Orleans. While the quality of its programs is certainly up there, many alumni over...  
156. Beignet: A french-style doughnut, typically dusted with powdered sugar and accompanied by a cup of chicaory-laced cafe au la...  
157. NOLA: An endearing term for New Orleans.  
158. Forever New Orleans: A primetime television show that broadcasts New Orleans-focused material to an international audience.  
159. Beads: In a Mardi Gras tradition of questionable taste and legality, female partiers are offered beads (usually by male re...  
160. Café du Monde: The oldest coffeehouse in New Orleans, famous for beignets and chicory-laced coffee.
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A nickname for Staten Island originated by Wu-Tang Clan (who are from Staten Island).

Nickname for Warren Buffett, the investing legend known for his disciplined value investing and gaudy long-term returns. The guy simply has a talent for picking good companies with real staying power. Buffett has experienced annualized returns of roughly 20% over a few decades. This is VERY hard to do. He works and lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

1. The hodag is the official mascot of the Rhinelander area. The mythical beast is the the local high school's mascot. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's ultimate frisbee team has followed suit. They're called the Wisconsin Hodags.

2. The mascot for the Rhinelander area, the hodag is a mythical creature that resembles a large horned lizard-like beast.

City north of Boston named for Paul Revere. EX: "I'm takin' my buddy to The Squiya in Reveah for his batchella pahty".

A rodent that comprises an important segment of the fur trade in Louisiana but is generally considered a pest elsewhere.