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1. Bourbon Capital of the World: The official catchphrase for Bardstown, the "Napa Valley of Bourbon".  
2. Kentucky Breakfast: A breakfast that incorporates bourbon, or is comprised of bourbon.  
1. Old Talbott Tavern: A very old tavern with historic roots, the Old Talbot has been feeding and intoxicating travelers since the 1700s w...  
2. Kreso's: A dining establishment located in an old movie theater. Much of the old movie theater has been preserved by the cur...  
3. My Old Kentucky Dinner Train: have dinner on an old train, built in the late 1940s, while touring the countryside for a few hours; sometimes they...  
1. Stephen Foster: The Musical: The memory of the man who penned "My Old Kentucky Home", the state's theme song, has spawned a musical tribute. The...  
2. Ghost Hunter Shop: The only ghost-hunting ship in Kentucky; they offer ghost tours and lore in Bardstown.  
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