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Chicago Taglines

  1. Hot Dogs
  2. Chi-Town
  3. Land of Da Bears
  4. Little Warsaw
  5. Ready for another Super Bowl Shuffle
  6. Land of Da Bears and Home of Da Cubbies
  7. Paris on the Prairie
  8. Chi-City
  9. Chi-Town
  10. Daaah Cubbies
  11. Da' Bears
Past Words of the Day

Big-Z is the nickname of Chicago Cubs' pitcher Carlos Zambrano. The 6'5" native of Venezuela is one of the better pitchers in the game today and is one of the best hitting pitcher in the modern era with a career batting average around .240 and legitimate home run power.

Cedar Rapids is known as the City of Five Seasons because of the four seasons it experiences each year and the fifth being the season to celebrate the other four. The Tree of Five Seasons is located in downtown CR and is the symbol of this idea. Most people who live here don't get it either.

The Cincinnati version has less viscosity than the traditional Texas-style, and different spices that render it more 'strong' than 'hot' by most accounts.

Take a left (while driving).

Coffee with cream and sugar.