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1. Wet or dry?: Question from an Italian beef vendor about whether you would like it dipped in the juice or not.  
2. Chi-Town: A common nickname of Chicago. This is mostly used by rappers.  
3. pump: what chicagoans call fire hydrants. "they have the pump open on Bishop and my water pressure is so low I cant take ...  
4. Bags: Bags, also known as bean bag toss, is a nickname for Cornhole, a game originating in Ohio. The game requires two b...  
5. Chicagoan: term for someone from Chicago. Not a slang term, however.  
6. prarie: an open lot, often in a residential area.  
7. Pop: Pop is what the real locals say for a sweetened carbonated beverage. Soda-sayers are from elsewhere.  
8. Gym Shoes: Chicago slang for tennis shoes  
9. Da: The article 'the', but said with a Chicago accent. Common phrases include "Da Bears", "Da Bulls", and "Da Ryan", th...  
10. Sawbuck: Ten dollars. Often used in reference to a $10 bag of something.  
11. FIP: Exactly like FIB, only substitutes "bastard" with the more neutral "person." Ex: "I knew he was a FIP because he...  
12. CPS: Acronym for Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest district in the country  
13. Illinoying: Adjective used to describe the state of Illinois, whether it be a reference to corrupt politics, aggressive drivers...  
14. Fittin' to: Chicago urban vernacular for "about to," as in "I'm fittin' to go to Jewel to pick up some flour."  
15. Circle, The: Not to be confused with the Loop, the Circle refers to the intersection of I-90/I-94 and I-290, just west of downto...  
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