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106. Little Vietnam: Neighborhood in Chicago's West Town, it is populated by people of southeastern Asian heritage.  
107. Jewtown: Reference to a formerly predominantly Jewish neighborhood where UIC is now positioned.  
108. Northern Yuppie: Reference to an affluent resident of the north side of Chicago.  
109. Bozo's Circus: Children's TV show featuring Bozo the Clown, broadcasted by WGN-TV.  
110. CTA: Chicago Transit Authority, the chief means of getting around in Chicago.  
111. Fridge, The: Nickname for Chicago Bear William Perry.  
112. Sweetness: Nickname for Chicago Bears great Walter Payton. His great personality earned him this nickname, which stayed with h...  
113. Gold Coast, The: A glitzy, expensive area near downtown , now more commonly referred to by their individual neighborhoods.  
114. Jay's: Jay's potato chips.  
115. K-Town: A section of Chicago's southwest side where there are a lot of north-south streets that begin with the letter "K".  
116. Metra, The: Train system which commutes suburbanites into and out of the city.  
117. Northsiders: Reference to residents of the north side of Chicago.  
118. Southsiders: Reference to residents of the south side of Chicago.  
119. A Polish: A polish sausage  
120. Resurrection Mary: A legendary ghost that has been known to hitch rides with men, get out of the car, and run into the cemetery.  
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Word sometimes used at the end of a Milwaukeean's sentence, often when requesting something. EXAMPLES: "Come over here once" or "Let me see that once".

A Cajun American play on the word "go", which derives its orthography from French influence in the area. You'll often see the word used in reference to Louisiana sports teams, as in "Geaux (LSU) Tigers" and "Geaux (New Orleans) Saints".

A nickname for those that move to warmer climates in the winter (usually Florida or Arizona) and then back to Wisconsin in the summer.

1. A quintessential Rhode Island treat, made with milk and coffee syrup. Believe it or not, coffee milk is in fact the official state beverage.

2. There's hardly anything more Rhode Island than coffee milk. Out-of-staters at Brown are often confused...

Nickname for Jacobs Field. Jacobs Field was the name for the stadium where the Cleveland Indians play. It is currently called Progressive Field.