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106. WGN: Nationally broadcast news channel based in Chicago.  
107. Projects, The: Slang which refers to a section of low income and high crime housing in Chicago.  
108. Boy's Town: Reference to a large gay community on the city's north side.  
109. Cubbies, The: The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team who play at Wrigley Field. The Cubs have an international club f...  
110. Harey Carey: Popular announcer for Chicago Cubs games.  
111. Little Vietnam: Neighborhood in Chicago's West Town, it is populated by people of southeastern Asian heritage.  
112. Jewtown: Reference to a formerly predominantly Jewish neighborhood where UIC is now positioned.  
113. Northern Yuppie: Reference to an affluent resident of the north side of Chicago.  
114. Bozo's Circus: Children's TV show featuring Bozo the Clown, broadcasted by WGN-TV.  
115. CTA: Chicago Transit Authority, the chief means of getting around in Chicago.  
116. Fridge, The: Nickname for Chicago Bear William Perry.  
117. Sweetness: Nickname for Chicago Bears great Walter Payton. His great personality earned him this nickname, which stayed with h...  
118. Gold Coast, The: A glitzy, expensive area near downtown , now more commonly referred to by their individual neighborhoods.  
119. Jay's: Jay's potato chips.  
120. K-Town: A section of Chicago's southwest side where there are a lot of north-south streets that begin with the letter "K".  
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Original nickname for the Syracuse University sports teams. No, it has nothing to do with crackers, but rather Syracuse's prominence in the salt trade. The Saltine Warriors then became the Orangemen, and then the more gender-neutral Orange.

1. Beer coat: (n) The cheap coat you now wear when you go to get drunk because you blacked out and left your nice coat somewhere the last time you went out. Also, could be the cheap coat you now wear because some sketch ball stole your coat while you were only buzzing at a house party.

A drinking fountain, or bubbler if you will.

Some refer to CR as the City of Five Smells since the odor from various grain & food processing plants (Quaker Oats, Cargill, Ralston Foods, etc.) can be detected depending on the day & wind direction. See also: "The City of Five Seasons".

Gilligan's Island is a group of boaters that anchor near Mud Lake on Yahara River. On summer weekends dozens of boats can be found anchoring. If you're driving on the Beltline you can see the boats if you look to your south.