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106. CTA: Chicago Transit Authority, the chief means of getting around in Chicago.  
107. Fridge, The: Nickname for Chicago Bear William Perry.  
108. Sweetness: Nickname for Chicago Bears great Walter Payton. His great personality earned him this nickname, which stayed with h...  
109. Gold Coast, The: A glitzy, expensive area near downtown , now more commonly referred to by their individual neighborhoods.  
110. Jay's: Jay's potato chips.  
111. K-Town: A section of Chicago's southwest side where there are a lot of north-south streets that begin with the letter "K".  
112. Metra, The: Train system which commutes suburbanites into and out of the city.  
113. Northsiders: Reference to residents of the north side of Chicago.  
114. Southsiders: Reference to residents of the south side of Chicago.  
115. A Polish: A polish sausage  
116. Resurrection Mary: A legendary ghost that has been known to hitch rides with men, get out of the car, and run into the cemetery.  
117. Sammitch: Slang for a sandwich.  
118. Pines, The: A slang term referring to the area of forest along the Fox River. This is a common place for teenagers to hang out...  
119. Wauconda High School: Wauconda High School place The high school that almost all Island lake kids attend. This school is a fairly decent...  
120. TH's, The: Refers to the Island Lake Town Houses. The town houses make up the majority of the Island Lake population. These ...  
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1. (noun) Wisconsin ATM network founded in the mid-1970s. TYME is an acronym for "Take Your Money Everywhere" and was rolled out with a mascot named Annie Tyme.

2. Tyme is a brand name of ATM services that has machines throughout the state of Wisconsin. Many locals in Milwaukee learned what a "Tyme Machine" was before knowing what an ATM was. Even worse, many locals don't even use the word ATM at all, making an ATM search often frustrating for visitors. "Oh, you mean a Tyme Machine?" Also, when Milwaukee natives search for ATMs elsewhere, the locals think they're looking for a "time machine." This does not help our reputation!

3. An ATM or Cash Machine in Milwaukee-speak. If strangers are around and they hear you say, "I need to go to the Tyme Machine", you might get some odd looks as they think you're referring to a time travel machine like in the movie Back to the Future.

Region of New York State in which Utica resides. James Fenimore Cooper (the most famous bad writer in American Literature) set his "Leatherstocking Tales" in this region.

Citywide catastrophe rumored to have been started by the "O'Leary cow." As legend goes, the O'Leary cow kicked over a lantern in the O'Leary farm which started to spread throughout the city. Every building in the city, which was made out of wood then, was either damaged or destroyed with the exception of the Water Tower which stands to this day.

The Rhode Island version of "People's Court"; a tv show where real people have their cases heard...and broadcasted...from Providence Municipal Court. The show is hosted by Chief Judge Frank Caprio. Only in America can you become a pseudo-celebrity for getting a parking ticket.

1. A derogatory term for a person born and raised in the city of Troy, New York. The more proper term would be "Trojan."

2. A derogatory name for the city of Troy itself, likening it to a toilet.