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91. Chinatown: Neighborhood located on the south side of the city, heavily populated by Asian immigrants, it has a rich cultural h...  
92. L, The: Reference to the CTA trains which run elevated from the streets.  
93. Da Bears: Slang term for the Chicago Bears.  
94. Chicagoland: Chicago proper and surrounding suburbs.  
95. Sammy Sosa: Former Chicago Cubs baseball player. Hit 66 homeruns in a season.  
96. Mike Ditka: Former Chicago Bears head coach. lead the team to a 1985 Superbowl victory.  
97. WGN: Nationally broadcast news channel based in Chicago.  
98. Projects, The: Slang which refers to a section of low income and high crime housing in Chicago.  
99. Boy's Town: Reference to a large gay community on the city's north side.  
100. Cubbies, The: The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team who play at Wrigley Field. The Cubs have an international club f...  
101. Harey Carey: Popular announcer for Chicago Cubs games.  
102. Little Vietnam: Neighborhood in Chicago's West Town, it is populated by people of southeastern Asian heritage.  
103. Jewtown: Reference to a formerly predominantly Jewish neighborhood where UIC is now positioned.  
104. Northern Yuppie: Reference to an affluent resident of the north side of Chicago.  
105. Bozo's Circus: Children's TV show featuring Bozo the Clown, broadcasted by WGN-TV.  
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Local derogatory nickname for Bainbridge Island.

A pickled condiment made from cabbage and various other vegetables and spices.

Refers to the gentrifying effect of the University of Pennsylvania on the West Philadelphia area.

1. You may hear the locals refer to the Clinton Presidential Library this way. It does sort of resemble one.

2. I prefer "The Glass Doublewide." It is a beautiful building though...

Funny nickname for the Pac-10 athletic conference. It's Pac-1 because USC rarely has a legitimate contender for the conference title.