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226. Prairie Ridge: Prairie Ridge is a community in the northern part of Crystal Lake. It is known for Prairie Ridge High School, whic...  
227. Crystal Lake Fest: A very popular festival that takes place in the middle of summer near CLC. It is known for its live music and nume...  
228. Crystal Lake South: Another major high school in Crystal Lake, which many people from the southern part of Crystal Lake attend. They a...  
229. Little John's: One of the most popular lunch spots in the vicinity of the crystal lake "five-way", Little John's is now closed and...  
230. Cardella's: Another bar that is located along the Fox River. It is also a nice restaurant that has very good ribs.  
231. Squire, The: The Village Squire, a great restaurant that is located off of 14 on the Strip. It is known for its medieval atmosp...  
232. Spikes: A popular indoor sports facility in Crystal Lake. There are many indoor sand volleyball courts and basketball cour...  
233. Cleng's Way Pub: Cleng's Way Pub, Home of Queens and Kings and Things, is a locally owned and operated bar in the unincorporated vil...
234. Blue Demons: Depaul University's sports teams.  
235. Chicago-Style Pizza: Deep-dish pizza, originated by Pizzeria Uno in Chicago.  
236. City Council: Local city government, presided over by the Mayor of Chicago.  
237. Cross-Town Classic: Annual meeting of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox.  
238. East Side: Name of Chicago's most eastern neighborhood, bordering the Indiana State Line.  
239. Ike, The: The Eisenhower Expressway, or I-290 expressway.  
240. Emerald City: Nickname for the Lower Wacker Drive tunnel, when its lights were shaded green.  
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Shorthand for "Bridge and Tunnel," the term for people who make the commute to Manhattan via bridge or tunnel, but who don't actually live in "the city."

A style of housing dating back to the 17th century, similar to a town home; very common in the older parts of D.C.

The unique Cincinnati way of saying 'pardon me?'

A term for Detroit coined by former president Franklin Roosevelt during the second World War to describe the transition of the Ford Motor Company's production from cars to tanks.

After giving up a record number of homers in its first series, people starting calling the new Yankee Stadium the "Launching Pad." As it turns out, there's a wind current caused by the shape of the stadium that tends to lift balls flying toward the right field fence.