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16. Plaza, The: The newest Street park in the Northwest.
17. Rosenthal Gallery  
18. Steunenberg Residential Historic District: An upscale neighborhood in Central Caldwell know for it's unique craftsman homes.  
19. Falcon Tavern, The: Since opening in the Summer of 2004, this family owned and operated establishment has quietly emerged as Boise’s "D...
20. Foothills: Where a big part of the ridges to rivers trail system exists with miles and miles of single track for your mountain...  
21. Eastside: Eastend Boise is often compared to the Northend, with its lush greens and antique streets. The roads are a little w...  
22. Floating the Boise River.: Floating the Boise River is a fun way to stay cool in the hot summer weather.  
23. Northend: This is a historic neighborhood in the north end of Boise. It is a very desirable part of town and runs right into...
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"No, I will not talk to you about Napoleon Dynamite" Edit | History
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A regional dish with German roots, a patty made with pork, beef, and oats.

1. Boulder may be 25 square miles in area, but I wouldn't consider its surrounding a paragon of reality. I don't know that the folks in Aspen are in touch the reality of most Americans either.

2. Left-leaning? How about drastically left standing!

Referring to something that was damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Hugo in 1989. The hurricane made landfall as a category 4 storm and did extensive damage to downtown Charleston as well as the northern suburbs of Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's Island, and Isle of Palms.

The historic train that later became the subject of a hit song in the 1940s,and is now the namesake of a popular resort area filled with railroad themed museums, gardens, rides, restaurants, hotels and all sorts of tourist attractions.

Dustin Hoffman (as Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy) yells this at a car driver who almost runs him over in a crosswalk. Use whenever cars, cabs, bikes, or others almost do the same to you as you cross a street.