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16. Chaminade University: Roman Catholic private university located in Hawaii's capitol, Honolulu.  
17. Hawaii Pacific University: Private medium-sized university (just shy of 10,000 students) is located in Honolulu's downtown area.  
18. Hawaii Tokai International College: a 2 year private liberal arts college that is located in Honolulu, HI.  
19. University of Hawaii at Manoa: A public university that is part of Hawaii's school system, located in the neighborhood of Manoa, located in Honolu...  
20. University of Hawaii at West O'ahu: 4 year public university that is part of Hawaii's school system. It is located in Pearl City.  
21. University of Hawaii at Hilo: Another university that is part of Hawaii's system. The UHH is a public, 4 year institution.  
22. Honolulu Community College: A community college that is located in Hawaii's capitol, Honolulu.  
23. Kapiolani Community College: A community college that is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  
24. Honolulu Symphony: Today, the Honolulu Symphony has begun its second century of bringing great music to the Hawaiian Islands. Founded ...  
25. Neal Blaisdell Center: Called the NBC by locals, this is the home of the Honolulu Symphony and a venue for other performing arts.  
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Tyme is money, as the old Tyme slogan went...

1. ATMs in southern Wisconsin used to run under the brand Take Your Money Everywhere or TYME. The iconic machines were known as Tyme Machines instead of ATMs. They were notorious for "closing" with a sliding iron door coming down just when one needed to make a withdrawal. Visitors likely believed the worst of Madison's detractors when locals asked "Is the Tyme machine open?"

2. This is Madison speak for ATM. Many newcomers are puzzled when an old-school Wisconsinite asks them for a "Tyme machine."

3. It wasn't just southern wisconsin, it was most of if not all of the state. Before there were debit cards, there were Tyme cards!

4. The first ATMs were brought to Milwaukee through the M&I Bank. The president of M&I at the time was Dennis Keuster. He had the foresight to see that this would revolutionize banking.

1. Flip-flops. Origin: the Spanish word "chancletas", meaning sandals.

2. Flip-flops

A (largely derogatory) nickname for people who live in/hang out in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis. See also 'Stallis.

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