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  2. Welcome to Fabulous Hotlanta!
  3. Every day is a hot day
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  5. City of Trees
  6. Overgrown Suburb of the South
  7. Hotlanta
Past Words of the Day

A cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz and onions.

A rodent that comprises an important segment of the fur trade in Louisiana but is generally considered a pest elsewhere.

This is slang for the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder's meeting. Warren Buffett's thousands of cult followers descend upon Omaha to hear the oracle utter his words of humble wisdom.

1. Taking place the night before Halloween, youngsters take the opportunity to hurl foodstuffs (like eggs and cabbage, hence the name) at people and houses. Mischief Night seems quite descriptive, but Bostonians like to have their own names for things.

2. October 30th, the night before Halloween; elsewhere known as "mischief night".

Along with Brain Dead Island, it's a derogatory nickname for Bainbridge Island.