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Atlanta Words & Expressions

1. Hotlanta: Nickname for Atlanta that comes from the generally sticky-hot weather in the city.  
2. City of Trees, The: A nickname for Atlanta, due to it's proliferation of dogwoods and azaleas.  
3. Big Peach: New York City is the Big Apple, and Atlanta--as the largest city in Georgia--is the Big Peach.  
4. Beverly Hills of the South: Nickname for the upscale district of Buckhead  
5. Wessup: A word Usually used in Atlanta meaning Wassup or Whats going on.  
6. HOV Lanes: High Occupancy Vehicle lanes AKA car pool lanes.  
7. House-ton: "Houston" in Atlanta.  
8. Y'all: All of you  
9. Fixin' to: Getting ready to do do something.  
10. Sweetie: Common term of endearment, generally used, directionally, by older generation toward younger.  
11. In the ATL: In Atlanta.  
12. Gwenetians: Residents of Gwinnett County.  
13. ITP: Inside the perimeter, generally in reference to urban Atlanta.  
14. Damn Yankees: "A Yankee is someone from up north who comes to visit. A Damn Yankee is one who stays."  
15. Atlantan: Someone that lives or is from Atlanta, Georgia.  
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Atlanta Tagline
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