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Atlanta People

1. Shirley Franklin: The first female African-American mayor of Atlanta.  
2. Ralph McGill: The progressive newspaper editor and namesake of the Ralph McGill Boulevard.  
3. Gwenetians: Residents of Gwinnett County.  
4. Margaret Mitchell: The author of Gone With the Wind was a native Atlantan and reportedly wrote her famous novel in a small midtown apa...  
5. Diamond Lil: A locally famous Atlantan drag queen.  
6. Brandon Bond: A popular Atlanta tattoo artist.  
7. Blondie: Atlanta's "Best Stripper".  
8. Andre 3000: Member of the music group OutKast and a Native Atlantan.  
9. Susan V. Booth: Artistic director of the Alliance Theater.  
10. Dave Sevigny: The world-famous competitive sharp shooter for Team Glock is an Atlanta resident.  
11. Damn Yankees: "A Yankee is someone from up north who comes to visit. A Damn Yankee is one who stays."  
12. Atlantan: Someone that lives or is from Atlanta, Georgia.  
13. Maynard Jackson: Atlanta's first black mayor, elected in 1973.  
14. Carl Patton: President of Georgia State University (1992 through 2008).  
15. Baton Bob: Guy in midtown Atlanta who marches around, twirling a baton. An inspiration for many.  
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