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Atlanta Food & Drink

1. Flying Biscuit: A popular brunch spot, worth the wait, for the delicious biscuits, and enormous menu.  
2. Pimento Cheese: Pimento cheese, a popular local snack-food/condiment, often eaten in a sandwich on white bread with mayo.  
3. WaHo: The Waffle House chain of restaurants. Also known as the Awful Waffle.  
4. Sweetwater: Sweetwater started up after the Olympics -- a few college buddies form out west visited Atlanta and noticed Atlanta...  
5. Paolo's: The original Italian gelateria in Virginia Highlands, run by Italian owner, Paolo. Paolo owns a cat that he brings...  
6. Murphy's: The best brunch place in the Highlands. Classy, yet delicious. Both indoor and outdoor seating.  
7. Willy's: The best burrito place you will ever find, with the best burrito you will ever eat.  
8. Park Tavern: A bar on the corner of Piedmont Park, overlooking the midtown skyline. Indoor, outdoor seating.  
9. Varsity, The: the crunkest spot to be at on a saurday and sunday nights cause it goes down and the food be off tha muthafuckin ch...  
10. Sweet Tea: Plain old tea, resting on the assumption that everyone wants sugar in their tea.  
11. Coke: Soda pop, in general.  
12. Greens: Simmered collard, mustard, or turnip greens.  
13. Atlanta Special: Coca Cola (the company's headquarters are in Atlanta).  
14. Bag of Rags: Bag of chips.  
15. Strings: French Fries  
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