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1. WaHo: The Waffle House chain of restaurants. Also known as the Awful Waffle.  
2. Bankhead Bounce: The Bankhead Bounce is a dance that originated in the Bankhead neighborhood on the west side of Atlanta.  
3. Little Five Points: An eclectic, multicultural shopping and artsy area.  
4. Cyclorama: a spinning mural that retells the Civil War's Battle of Atlanta.  
5. Stone Mountain: An enormous granite rock that hosts a laser show, amusement park, and other popular family activities.  
6. Virginia Highlands: The intersection of Virginia and North Highland avenues, a trendy nightclub and shopping area popular with urban pr...  
7. Atlanta Cyclorama: A rotating panorama depicting the historical (Civil War) Battle of Atlanta, and also the name of the museum that ho...  
8. Atlanta Zoo: A 40-acre zoo founded in 1889, located in Grant Park in Atlanta.  
9. Alliance Theater: An award-winning regional theater that hosts plays and popular music.  
10. Creative Loafing: Atlanta's free weekly arts and entertainment newspaper.  
11. Six Flags Over Georgia: 230-acre theme park located west of Atlanta.  
12. Juke Joint: Common in the South, but particularly in Atlanta, a juke joint is an entertainment club usually tucked away in coun...  
13. Crunk: A genre of music that originated in Atlanta.  
14. Outkast: Grammy award winning rap duo from Atlanta. Famous songs include "Rosa Parks" and "Hey Ya".  
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