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Atlanta Businesses

1. Georgia-Pacific Tower: Skyscraper that houses many businesses such as: Owings and Merrill LLP, Georgia-Pacific, and Skidmore.  
2. Ellis Hotel: Formerly Winecoff Hotel, the Ellis Hotel is in downtown Atlanta.  
3. Midtown Mile: Refers to a 14-block stretch of Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta known for its high-end retail store/shopping de...  
4. Junkman's Daughter: An interesting boutique in Little Five Points.  
5. Alon's Bakery: Rumored to be the best bakery in town, but also served soups and sandwiches, etc.; on Highland Avenue.  
6. Mall of Georgia: The largest shopping mall in Georgia, located in the Atlanta suburb of Buford.  
7. Synchronicity Metaphysical Dynasty: A unique new-age bookstore in nearby Roswell, Georgia.  
8. Cumberland/Vinings: Located on the edge of the city, Cumberland includes many of the areas major shopping areas and important business ...  
9. Suntrust Plaza: Premier business address and the city's fourth largest building.  
10. Gorilla Carwash: Two-Minute Carwash on Piedmont Road at Rock Springs Drive in Atlanta - called Gorilla Carwash due to the omnipresen...  
11. Regency Home Care Of North Atlanta: Having the intensity and motivations that never take a fall, but are always high, at Regency Home Care Of North Atl...
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