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76. La Grange College: Private United Methodist college that is located in La Grange, Georgia.  
77. Luther Rice Seminary: private Baptist college that is located in town of Lithonia, Georgia.  
78. Medical College of Georgia: a public university that sits in Augusta, Georgia. The school is known for its health education programs.  
79. Mercer College: a private university in the middle of the Atlanta.  
80. Morris Brown College: small private university located in Atlanta.  
81. Moutlrie Technical College: a community college located in Moultrie, Georgia.  
82. North Georgia College: a public military college in the town of Dahlonega, Georgia.  
83. Oglethorpe University: another private liberal arts college in the city of Atlanta.  
84. Piedmont College: private liberal arts college in Demorest, Georgia.  
85. Reinhardt College: private United Methodist liberal arts college located in Waleska, Georgia.  
86. Savannah State University: a public university that is in historic Savannah, Georgia.  
87. Savannah Technical College: Technical institute that is located in Savannah, Georgia.  
88. South Georgia College: a public college located in Savannah, Georgia.  
89. South University: private university located in Savannah, Georgia.  
90. Southern Catholic College: private college located in Dawsonville, Georgia.  
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