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61. Atlanta Christian College: private Christian university located in the city of East Point in the state of Georgia.  
62. Augusta State University: A public university that is located in the city of Augusta, Georgia.  
63. Brewton-Parker College: private Southern Baptist college that is located in town of Mount Vernon, Georgia.  
64. Brenau University: a private women's university located in Gainesville, GA.  
65. Chattachoochee Technical College: a technical college that is located in the town of Marietta, Georgia.  
66. Christian College of Georgia: private Christian college that is located in Statham, Georgia.  
67. Clark Atlanta University: Private university located in Atlanta, Georgia.  
68. Clayton State University: a public university that is located in Morrow, Georgia.  
69. Columbia Theological Seminary: seminary that is located in the city of Decatur, Georgia.  
70. Columbus State University: public university that is located in the city of Columbus, Georgia.  
71. Covenant College: a private liberal arts college located in the scenic Lookout Mountain, Georgia.  
72. Dalton State College: a public college nestled in Dalton, Georgia.  
73. Darton College: a community college in Albany, Georgia.  
74. Emmanuel College: private college with a liberal arts focus located in Franklin Springs, Georgia.  
75. Kennesaw State University: a large public university that is located in the city of Kennesaw, Georgia.  
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