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46. MLK Site: Several buildings surrounding Martin Luther King, Jr.'s boyhood home on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta.  
47. Atlanta History Center: Located in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. It is one of America's premier history museums. With multiple exhibi...  
48. Jimmy Carter Library and Museum: Houses U.S. President Jimmy Carter's papers and other material relating to the carter administration and the Carter...  
49. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center: Is the city's home for challenging contemporary art and education geared toward working artists and collectors of a...  
50. Bag of Rags: Bag of chips.  
51. Strings: French Fries  
52. Six Flags Over Georgia: 230-acre theme park located west of Atlanta.  
53. Georgia Tech: Publicly accredited university in Atlanta. It is best known for its programs in engineering, computing, and the sc...  
54. Morehouse College: A historically black college. Morehouse is located near downtown Atlanta, it is the brother school of Spelman Univ...  
55. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College: a public college located in Tifton, Georgia that specializes in agricultural studies.  
56. Agnes Scott College: a private liberal arts women's college tucked away in the city of Decatur, Georgia.  
57. Albany State University: one of the public universities that is located in Albany, Georgia.  
58. Andrew College: a private methodist college that is located in the town of Cuthbert, Georgia.  
59. Armstrong Atlantic State University: a public university that is located on Abercorn Street in Savannah.  
60. Art Institute of Atlanta: a private art school that teaches students everything from culinary arts to drawing to design.  
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Nickname for Atlanta that comes from the generally sticky-hot weather in the city.

A type of relish made primarily from peppers, beans and onions.

Pronounced (da BOAT uhv uhm) it simply means "the both of them" in Milwaukee-speak.

1. dinner

2. The word supper (pronounced suppah) is most often used in Boston for the last meal of the day. Most parts of the country say dinner. The dinner vs. supper phenomenon is actually a pretty complicated ones with regional, class, and culinary implication. Boston is nonetheless supper-dominant.

A pickled condiment made from cabbage and various other vegetables and spices.