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316. Georgia Institute of Technology Historic District: One of the buildings that was a part of the original campus.  
317. Georgia-Pacific Tower: Skyscraper that houses many businesses such as: Owings and Merrill LLP, Georgia-Pacific, and Skidmore.  
318. Healey Building: Building built during the beginning of the 20th century. The upper floors have been remodeled into condominiums.  
319. Joel Chandler Harris House: Also known as "The Wren's Nest." Home of Joel Chandler Harris, and became a national landmark in 1962.  
320. Kessler Campanile: 8 Story campenile located on the center of Georgia Tech's campus. Holds the College of Engineering and Computing.  
321. Klaus Advanced Computing Building: Academic building on Georgia Tech's campus.  
322. Midtown Mitchell House & Museum: Home and museum of famous author Margaret Mitchell.  
323. Sweet Auburn Curb Market: Popular food market in downtown Atlanta.  
324. Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Administration Building: Oldest building on the Georgia Tech campus. Also known as the Tech Tower.  
325. Ellis Hotel: Formerly Winecoff Hotel, the Ellis Hotel is in downtown Atlanta.  
326. Woodruff Arts Center: One of the largest art centers in the United States.  
327. Sweetwater: Sweetwater started up after the Olympics -- a few college buddies form out west visited Atlanta and noticed Atlanta...  
328. Piedmont Park: The Park in between the Virginia Highlands and Midtown. Beautiful, open park with lots of space to picnic, play fr...  
329. Paolo's: The original Italian gelateria in Virginia Highlands, run by Italian owner, Paolo. Paolo owns a cat that he brings...  
330. Murphy's: The best brunch place in the Highlands. Classy, yet delicious. Both indoor and outdoor seating.  
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