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16. Park Place: Peachtree Street in Buckhead.  
17. Alliance Theater: An award-winning regional theater that hosts plays and popular music.  
18. Margaret Mitchell: The author of Gone With the Wind was a native Atlantan and reportedly wrote her famous novel in a small midtown apa...  
19. Diamond Lil: A locally famous Atlantan drag queen.  
20. Brandon Bond: A popular Atlanta tattoo artist.  
21. Blondie: Atlanta's "Best Stripper".  
22. Andre 3000: Member of the music group OutKast and a Native Atlantan.  
23. Susan V. Booth: Artistic director of the Alliance Theater.  
24. Dave Sevigny: The world-famous competitive sharp shooter for Team Glock is an Atlanta resident.  
25. Dreamland Barbeque: A barbecue restaurant on Alpharetta Highway, known for its pulled pork.  
26. Creative Loafing: Atlanta's free weekly arts and entertainment newspaper.  
27. Alon's Bakery: Rumored to be the best bakery in town, but also served soups and sandwiches, etc.; on Highland Avenue.  
28. Mall of Georgia: The largest shopping mall in Georgia, located in the Atlanta suburb of Buford.  
29. Synchronicity Metaphysical Dynasty: A unique new-age bookstore in nearby Roswell, Georgia.  
30. Center for Puppetry Arts: A museum consisting of over 1000 puppets from all over the world; also offers regular puppet shows.  
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