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166. Crunk: A genre of music that originated in Atlanta.  
167. Outkast: Grammy award winning rap duo from Atlanta. Famous songs include "Rosa Parks" and "Hey Ya".  
168. Bankhead: Located on the west side of the city, Bankhead is surrounded by Grove Park on the west, West End on the south, Vine...  
169. East Atlanta: An area located east-southeast of downtown Atlanta.  
170. Turner Field: A baseball stadium in downtown Atlanta, named after the team owner it is the home field for the Atlanta Braves.  
171. Grove Park: Home to the city's historically black university center featuring Morehouse and Spellman Colleges, Grove Park is an...  
172. Mechanicsville: A neighborhood of Atlanta. It sits in the shadow of both downtown Atlanta and Turner Field.  
173. Tech Tower: Tech Tower is an historic building on the Georgia Tech campus, NOT the University of Georgia campus.  
174. Chattahooche River: A river that runs from the Chattahoochee Spring in the mountains of northeast Georgia, southwestward past Atlanta a...  
175. Mary Mac's Tea Room: A historic restaurant in Atlanta, created initially after the Second World War in order to give widowed women work.  
176. Crescent, The: An Amtrack passenger train which connects Atlanta with the Eastern seaboard.  
177. Castleberry Hill: one of the city’s historical district, Castleberry Hill is a neighborhood in central Atlanta.  
178. Brookwood Interchange: The I-75/I-85 interchange at the north end of the connector near Midtown. Also known as the Brookwood Split.  
179. Awful Waffle: Nickname for the Waffle House restaurant chain.  
180. Gorilla Carwash: Two-Minute Carwash on Piedmont Road at Rock Springs Drive in Atlanta - called Gorilla Carwash due to the omnipresen...  
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