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166. Ponce: The full name of the street is Ponce de Leon, but the official pronunciation is anything but Spanish. The Atlanta ...  
167. Maynard Jackson: Atlanta's first black mayor, elected in 1973.  
168. Grady Curve: A stretch of the Interstate 75/85 highway that curves around the heart of downtown Atlanta going north and south. ...  
169. Georgia State University (GSU): Public University located in downtown Atlanta. Website states that "with more than 40,000 students seeking degrees...  
170. Pounce: Georgia State University's mascot. A panther.  
171. Carl Patton: President of Georgia State University (1992 through 2008).  
172. Earl, The: Bar and music venue in East Atlanta.  
173. 5 Seasons Brewing: Brewpub in Atlanta with a few locations.  
174. Baton Bob: Guy in midtown Atlanta who marches around, twirling a baton. An inspiration for many.  
175. A-Town: A-Town is one of the many nicknames for Atlanta.  
176. Juke Joint: Common in the South, but particularly in Atlanta, a juke joint is an entertainment club usually tucked away in coun...  
177. Phatlanta: Another nickname for the city of Atlanta, which refers can refer to either its perceived (or real!) greatness or it...  
178. Fatlanta: A nickname for Atlanta that points to its reputation as an obese city, even by US standards.  
179. Hartsfield Intergalactic: A reference to Hartsfield International Airport.  
180. Ad Lanna: Phonetic pronunciation of Atlanta in colloquial language.  
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