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151. Baton Bob: Guy in midtown Atlanta who marches around, twirling a baton. An inspiration for many.  
152. A-Town: A-Town is one of the many nicknames for Atlanta.  
153. Juke Joint: Common in the South, but particularly in Atlanta, a juke joint is an entertainment club usually tucked away in coun...  
154. Phatlanta: Another nickname for the city of Atlanta, which refers can refer to either its perceived (or real!) greatness or it...  
155. Fatlanta: A nickname for Atlanta that points to its reputation as an obese city, even by US standards.  
156. Hartsfield Intergalactic: A reference to Hartsfield International Airport.  
157. Ad Lanna: Phonetic pronunciation of Atlanta in colloquial language.  
158. Atlanta Journal Constitution: Atlanta's largest and most widely distributed daily newspaper.  
159. Ted Turner: Business tycoon and media giant, he is the owner of the Turner Networks, TBS, TNT based out of Atlanta. Ted Turn...  
160. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport plac. Atlanta‚Äôs largest airport, it has been recognized as the Uni...  
161. Dickhater: Nickname for the town of Decatur, Georgia, located just outside of Atlanta.  
162. Battle of Atlanta: the largest battle in the Civil War's Atlanta campaign, which led to a Union victory and General Sherman burning th...  
163. Jimmy Carter: Former president of the United States and Atlanta native. He has been a visiting professor at Emory.  
164. Hank Aaron: Former all-time Major League Baseball home run leader.  
165. Evander Holyfield: Famous heavyweight Boxer from Atlanta, most known for his bouts with Mike Tyson.  
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French Fries

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The culmination of all run off and spillage from the beer vendors at a Madison Mallards game. The extra beer runs down a funnel into a bucket. Not for the faint of heart, but it doesnt taste all that bad, a little flat maybe.

Citywide catastrophe rumored to have been started by the "O'Leary cow." As legend goes, the O'Leary cow kicked over a lantern in the O'Leary farm which started to spread throughout the city. Every building in the city, which was made out of wood then, was either damaged or destroyed with the exception of the Water Tower which stands to this day.