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Past Words of the Day

1. "Smurf Turf" is a common nickname for Bronco Stadium at Boise State University. It is the only blue astro-turf field in the nation.

2. Boise State is no longer the only collegiate football team to play on a blue field. The University of New...

A breakfast that incorporates bourbon, or is comprised of bourbon.

A nickname for the Port of Miami, due to the brisk business of passenger cruises situated here.

A spuckie is a word used to describe a submarine (sub) sandwich. It comes from the Italian word "spucadella" which is an italian sandwich roll. It most likely came from the Italians in the North End and elsewhere...

The trial involved dozens of people who competed for the fortune of a deceased prospector who left a six-figure fortune for the nebulous cause of scientifically proving the existence of the soul. The judge ruled in favor of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix.