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  1. The weirdly amazing city who is amazingly has a good sun amount
  2. Miami: The long-lost sixth borough of NYC
Past Words of the Day

Around the world people call them Buffalo wings. In Buffalo they're just "wings."

Fargo is one of the many US cities to claim to be the Gateway to the West, a luxury apparently afforded to any town east of the West.

A word that originated from the language of the Choctaw natives of the Gulf Coast. It means close friend, originally meaning "suckling brother", which could be your blood brother, or simply someone you grew up with.

Coffee laced with chicory. Rumored to have originated in New Orleans during the Civil War, when the city was under a federal blockade and could not import enough coffee, which...

1. Philadelphian speak for Italian Ice, a frozen desert made of flavored syrup.

2. Italian Ice