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Miami Words & Expressions

1. Cruise Capital of the World: A nickname for the Port of Miami, due to the brisk business of passenger cruises situated here.  
2. Gateway of the Americas, The: A nickname for Miami, in reference to the cultural and linguistic diversity of its population.  
3. Magic City: A nickname for Miami  
4. Gateway to Latin America, The: Nickname for Miami  
5. City Under the Sun: Nickname for Miami  
6. Paraguero: A terrible driver.  
7. Chanx: Flip-flops. Origin: the Spanish word "chancletas", meaning sandals.  
8. Pochismo: Pochismo is a type of "Spanglish" spoken in Miami. In Miami, most of the Spanish influence in pochismo comes from C...  
9. D-Wade: Nickname for Dwayne Wade, the All-Star guard for the Miami Heat. D-Wade has emerged as one of the top players in th...  
Miami Tagline
"The weirdly amazing city who is amazingly has a good sun amount" Edit | History