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Miami Places

1. Little Havana: An area in Western Miami influenced by the culture of the city's large Cuban population.  
2. Cruise Capital of the World: A nickname for the Port of Miami, due to the brisk business of passenger cruises situated here.  
3. Gateway of the Americas, The: A nickname for Miami, in reference to the cultural and linguistic diversity of its population.  
4. SoBe: South Beach  
5. Magic City: A nickname for Miami  
6. Gateway to Latin America, The: Nickname for Miami  
7. City Under the Sun: Nickname for Miami  
8. Design District: An area of Miami just north of the downtown known for its many art galleries and showrooms.  
9. Grove, The: Nickname for Coconut Grove.  
10. Art Deco District: A large collection of art deco architecture running along southern Miami Beach.  
11. Jackie Gleason Theater: A live performance venue located in the Art Deco District of Miami.  
12. Calle Ocho: South West 8th Street.  
13. Stars of Calle Ocho: The "Cuban Walk of Fame" for Cuban Celebrities.  
14. Teddy Roosevelt Ave.: South West 17th Avenue.  
15. Casa Casaurina: 1114 Ocean Drive, the three-story Spanish-Mediterranean palace and former home of the late Gianni Versace.  
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Miami Tagline
"The weirdly amazing city who is amazingly has a good sun amount" Edit | History