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Miami Neighborhoods

1. Little Havana: An area in Western Miami influenced by the culture of the city's large Cuban population.  
2. Design District: An area of Miami just north of the downtown known for its many art galleries and showrooms.  
3. Calle Ocho: South West 8th Street.  
4. Coral Gables: A very elegant neighborhood in Miami, surrounded by coral walls.  
5. Espanola Way: A section of Miami Beach known for its European feel, and for its art and shopping offerings.  
6. Miami Beach: One of the country's most popular beach vacation areas; actually distinct from the city of Miami even though both m...  
7. Little Haiti: A neighborhood in Miami influenced by Haitian Creole culture, the southern part of which comprises the Design Distr...  
8. Little Brazil: The North Bay village, so dubbed due to its Brazilian population.  
9. Surfside: Surfside Beach, a popular destination for swimmers, live-music fans, and topless sunbathers (or swimming fans of to...  
10. Liberty City: A neighborhood influenced by Miami's African-American culture and residents.  
11. Overtown: The central part of metropolitan Miami, originally a cultural center for Miami's African-American community.  
Miami Tagline
"The weirdly amazing city who is amazingly has a good sun amount" Edit | History