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Miami Food & Drink

1. Mojito: A locally specialty drink; a cocktail made with Cuban rum.  
2. Arroz: White rice.  
3. Frijoles: Beans  
4. Congri: Rice and beans cooked together.  
5. Maduros: Fried plantains  
6. Paella: Seafood and rice dish.  
7. Cafecito: Cuban coffee  
8. Picadillo: A regional dish; a stew that combines ingredients like ground meat and gravy, peas, pimientos, olives, and raisins.  
9. CafĂ© Cubano: Strong black coffee served in very small cups and infused with a hefty dose of sugar; a real pick-me-up, not for th...  
10. Camarones: Shrimp  
11. Tapas: A variety of Spanish-style appetizers, traditionally served in small portions.  
12. Sopa de Pollo: Spanish chicken soup  
13. Pan Cubano: A type of white and crusty Cuban bread that roughly resembles a baguette in shape.  
14. Tostada: A regional (Cuban) method of toasting and in the process, flattening bread on a grill with plenty of butter.  
15. Palomilla: A Cuban version of the American minute-steak/Philly cheesesteak minus the cheese, served with onions and parsley, a...  
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