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121. Sopa de Pollo: Spanish chicken soup  
122. Pan Cubano: A type of white and crusty Cuban bread that roughly resembles a baguette in shape.  
123. Tostada: A regional (Cuban) method of toasting and in the process, flattening bread on a grill with plenty of butter.  
124. Palomilla: A Cuban version of the American minute-steak/Philly cheesesteak minus the cheese, served with onions and parsley, a...  
125. Joe's Stone Crab: This landmark Biscayune restaurant has been around since 1913 and is only open during the stone crab season.  
126. Shorty's BBQ: A local rib joint, serving up traditional barbeque fare for over 50 years now.  
127. Mac's Club Deuce Bar: The oldest bar in the Miami Beach area, since 1926, and still quite popular.  
128. Absinthe House Cinemas: An independent cinema in Coral Gables.  
129. Tobacco Road: A local music joint since 1912, that still attracts live music and fans with its roadhouse ambiance.  
130. Tri-Rail: Miami's commuter train system, also running to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, and all relevant airports.  
131. Jones College: a private college located in the city of Jacksonville, Florida.  
132. Pochismo: Pochismo is a type of "Spanglish" spoken in Miami. In Miami, most of the Spanish influence in pochismo comes from C...  
133. 3D: 3D was the nickname for Dennis Scott, a great three-point shooter for the 1994-1995 Orlando Magic team that reached...  
134. Air France: "Air France" is the nickname for The Orlando Magic's Mickael Pietrus, a native of Guadeloupe and a citizen of Franc...  
135. Baby Jordan: Baby Jordan was the nickname given (prematurely) to Harold Miner during his rookie season with the Miami Heat. He w...  
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Past Words of the Day

Slang for the beer Milwaukee's Best. Can also be shorted to just The Beast.

A shortened form for Mall of America, standing for big, frickin' mall. See also: MOA.

This is what 'water' sounds like when pronounced by a local Philadelphian.

A coffee crawl is like a bar crawl, but for coffeehouses. A local tour company, Seattle By Foot, stages these crawls on weekends, offering the opportunity to experience Seattle's coffee shops, which constitute ground zero for many coffee enthusiasts. And, yes, there's more than just Starbucks on the tour!

Montana is known as the "Last Best Place" to locals. After the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was captured in a remote cabin outside Lincoln, Montana, Montana became pretty popular in the media as a great hiding place. People were actually printing t-shirts with an outline of the state of Montana, a depiction of Ted Kaczynski's headshot with his unkempt hair, as well as the "Last Best Place" mantra with the word "hiding" scribbled in between 'best' and 'place.'