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121. Sopa de Pollo: Spanish chicken soup  
122. Pan Cubano: A type of white and crusty Cuban bread that roughly resembles a baguette in shape.  
123. Tostada: A regional (Cuban) method of toasting and in the process, flattening bread on a grill with plenty of butter.  
124. Palomilla: A Cuban version of the American minute-steak/Philly cheesesteak minus the cheese, served with onions and parsley, a...  
125. Joe's Stone Crab: This landmark Biscayune restaurant has been around since 1913 and is only open during the stone crab season.  
126. Shorty's BBQ: A local rib joint, serving up traditional barbeque fare for over 50 years now.  
127. Mac's Club Deuce Bar: The oldest bar in the Miami Beach area, since 1926, and still quite popular.  
128. Absinthe House Cinemas: An independent cinema in Coral Gables.  
129. Tobacco Road: A local music joint since 1912, that still attracts live music and fans with its roadhouse ambiance.  
130. Tri-Rail: Miami's commuter train system, also running to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, and all relevant airports.  
131. Jones College: a private college located in the city of Jacksonville, Florida.  
132. Pochismo: Pochismo is a type of "Spanglish" spoken in Miami. In Miami, most of the Spanish influence in pochismo comes from C...  
133. 3D: 3D was the nickname for Dennis Scott, a great three-point shooter for the 1994-1995 Orlando Magic team that reached...  
134. Air France: "Air France" is the nickname for The Orlando Magic's Mickael Pietrus, a native of Guadeloupe and a citizen of Franc...  
135. Baby Jordan: Baby Jordan was the nickname given (prematurely) to Harold Miner during his rookie season with the Miami Heat. He w...  
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