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106. Tap Tap: An authentic Haitian-themed restaurant on 5th Avenue in South Beach.  
107. Books & Books: One of the best independent bookstores in the country, located in Coral Gables.  
108. Lambda Passages Bookstore: Miami's bookstore for gay and lesbian travelers, on Biscayune Boulevard.  
109. Kafka Kafe: A popular coffeeshop/internet cafe in Miami Beach.  
110. New Times: Alternative weekly paper featuring arts and entertainment listings.  
111. El Nuevo Herald: The Spanish daily paper published by the Miami Herold.  
112. Wire: The free gay weekly paper for Miami Beach.  
113. Mount Sinai: One of the largest teaching hospitals and medical centers in the state of Florida, located in Miami Beach.  
114. Maximo Gomez Park: AKA "Domino Park" due to its frequent population of domino-playing senior citizens; at Calle Ocho and 15th Avenue.  
115. El Credito Cigars: A small producer of fine handmade Cuban-style cigars located in Little Havana, at 11th and Calle Ocho.  
116. Venetian Pool: A historic, architecturally-ornate pool constructed in 1923 from a coral rock quarry, now complete with adjoining s...  
117. CafĂ© Cubano: Strong black coffee served in very small cups and infused with a hefty dose of sugar; a real pick-me-up, not for th...  
118. Camarones: Shrimp  
119. Tapas: A variety of Spanish-style appetizers, traditionally served in small portions.  
120. White Party: The annual (November) "Crown Jewel" of HIV/AIDS fundraisers is one of the most publicized in the world, but the eve...  
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