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91. Metro Zoo: The only zoo in the continental U.S. located in a subtropical climate and one of the best in the world.  
92. Luna Star Café: An unconventional, knick-knack filled café and bar in North Miami near the Museum of Contemporary Art.  
93. MIA: Acronym for "Miami International Airport".  
94. Bacardi Museum: An eight-story concrete tower located at Biscayune Boulevard and 21st Street that houses the Bacardi family local o...  
95. Miami Beach: One of the country's most popular beach vacation areas; actually distinct from the city of Miami even though both m...  
96. Picadillo: A regional dish; a stew that combines ingredients like ground meat and gravy, peas, pimientos, olives, and raisins.  
97. Little Haiti: A neighborhood in Miami influenced by Haitian Creole culture, the southern part of which comprises the Design Distr...  
98. Little Brazil: The North Bay village, so dubbed due to its Brazilian population.  
99. Surfside: Surfside Beach, a popular destination for swimmers, live-music fans, and topless sunbathers (or swimming fans of to...  
100. Liberty City: A neighborhood influenced by Miami's African-American culture and residents.  
101. Floating Drum, The: Regular drum circles at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove.  
102. Overtown: The central part of metropolitan Miami, originally a cultural center for Miami's African-American community.  
103. International Mango Festival: A summer festival featuring educational programs, cooking demonstrations, and celebrations, all focused on the mang...  
104. News Café: A South Beach institution, serving coffee and light fare (sandwiches, salads, etc) 24 hours a day. Popular with to...  
105. Delano Hotel: An elegant hotel in Miami Beach.  
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Forbes Magazine bestowed this honor upon the Mile-High city in light of its record breaking contraceptive sales.

A Jewish snack food popular in NYC. It is a pocket of dough filled with potato, meat, onions, kasha, or cheese.

After giving up a record number of homers in its first series, people starting calling the new Yankee Stadium the "Launching Pad." As it turns out, there's a wind current caused by the shape of the stadium that tends to lift balls flying toward the right field fence.

Local derogatory nickname for Bainbridge Island.

The Kumeyaay, also know as the Diegueños, are the natives of the San Diego area (and of the southwestern US and Northwestern Mexico). The Kumeyaay still have reservations in San Diego and in Baja California, Mexico, where they are called kumiai