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91. Metro Zoo: The only zoo in the continental U.S. located in a subtropical climate and one of the best in the world.  
92. Luna Star Café: An unconventional, knick-knack filled café and bar in North Miami near the Museum of Contemporary Art.  
93. MIA: Acronym for "Miami International Airport".  
94. Bacardi Museum: An eight-story concrete tower located at Biscayune Boulevard and 21st Street that houses the Bacardi family local o...  
95. Miami Beach: One of the country's most popular beach vacation areas; actually distinct from the city of Miami even though both m...  
96. Picadillo: A regional dish; a stew that combines ingredients like ground meat and gravy, peas, pimientos, olives, and raisins.  
97. Little Haiti: A neighborhood in Miami influenced by Haitian Creole culture, the southern part of which comprises the Design Distr...  
98. Little Brazil: The North Bay village, so dubbed due to its Brazilian population.  
99. Surfside: Surfside Beach, a popular destination for swimmers, live-music fans, and topless sunbathers (or swimming fans of to...  
100. Liberty City: A neighborhood influenced by Miami's African-American culture and residents.  
101. Floating Drum, The: Regular drum circles at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove.  
102. Overtown: The central part of metropolitan Miami, originally a cultural center for Miami's African-American community.  
103. International Mango Festival: A summer festival featuring educational programs, cooking demonstrations, and celebrations, all focused on the mang...  
104. News Café: A South Beach institution, serving coffee and light fare (sandwiches, salads, etc) 24 hours a day. Popular with to...  
105. Delano Hotel: An elegant hotel in Miami Beach.  
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