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46. Design District: An area of Miami just north of the downtown known for its many art galleries and showrooms.  
47. Metrorail: A 21-mile elevated rail system that provides transport around downtown Miami.  
48. Metrobus: Miami's general mass transit bus system.  
49. Metromovers: Miami's free, smaller city buses.  
50. 'Canes, The: Nickname for the Miami Hurricanes, the University of Miami's football team.  
51. Grove, The: Nickname for Coconut Grove.  
52. Manny Diaz: The Mayor of Miami.  
53. Art Deco District: A large collection of art deco architecture running along southern Miami Beach.  
54. Jackie Gleason Theater: A live performance venue located in the Art Deco District of Miami.  
55. Goombay Festival: An annual festival celebrating Miami's African-American/Bahamian cultural heritage.  
56. Calle Ocho: South West 8th Street.  
57. Stars of Calle Ocho: The "Cuban Walk of Fame" for Cuban Celebrities.  
58. Teddy Roosevelt Ave.: South West 17th Avenue.  
59. Arroz: White rice.  
60. Frijoles: Beans  
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1. Officially called the "The Great Dane Duck Blind", this is of the ways you can watch the Madison Mallards baseball team. The Duck Blind tickets include all you can eat food and all you can drink beverages (beer and soda). Of course there is plenty of Great Dane beer.

2. They call it the "Duck Blind" because nobody watches the games. I was there last night and almost got hit in the head by an errant foul ball. Having my life flash before my eyes was just an added bonus to an already great time. The entrance fee is a little spendy ($30 with beer, or $25 for just soda), but you can eat and drink all you want for several hours, and maybe even watch some baseball if you care to take a gander. (Yes, that's Mallard humor.)

Berkeley is known for its odd culture and political leanings, and has been since the 1960's. Berzerkeley is a nickname used to help capture the oddity that is Berkeley, especially UC Berkeley and its students.

Non-alcholic mixer used to make cocktails.

Slang for the beer Milwaukee's Best. Can also be shorted to just The Beast.

Brew/movie, relating to any number of theaters that serve beer. Popular ones are Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Baghdad.