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31. Central Florida Community College: A community college that is in the city of Ocala, FL.  
32. Chipola College: Initially started out as a 'Junior College' recently went to a 4 year college. Teams still compete with other Juni...
33. Clearwater Christian College: Private college that is in the very picturesque city of Clearwater.  
34. Daytona Beach College: A public college that is located in the city of Daytona Beach, FL.  
35. Digital Media Arts College: A private arts college (animation, graphic arts, etc.) that is located in Boca Raton, Florida.  
36. Eckerd College: A private liberal arts college located in Saint Petersburg, FL.  
37. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: A highly regarded aviation institution that is located in the city of Daytona Beach, Florida.  
38. Flagler College: An accredited private college located in the city of Saint Augustine.  
39. Florida Atlantic University: Public university for all of the youngsters living in or near Boca Raton.  
40. Florida Christian College: Private Christian College located in the city of Kissimmee.  
41. Florida College: Private college in the small city of Temple Terrace, Florida.  
42. Florida Gulf Coast University: A public university that is located in the city of Fort Myers, Florida.  
43. Florida Institute of Technology: A private technical university in Melbourne; also known as Florida Tech.  
44. Florida Southern College: Well renowned college in the southern area of the country. It is private college.  
45. Mojito: A locally specialty drink; a cocktail made with Cuban rum.  
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Cheeseheads can refer to either 1) the foam cheesehead hats made by Foamation, 2) Wisconsinites, or 3) Green Bay Packer fans.

A mythical six-legged cat; the mascot of Conway High School.

A hodad is a guy who pretends to be a surfer but really isn't. He may or may not actually surf, but for the most part chills at the beach and tries to look cool to pick up women.

A phrase referring to Peoria’s reputation as a famous test market because of its representation of the diversity of the country as a whole. During its vaudeville days up to the present, if a show, law, or product was popular in Peoria, it would work anywhere.

Freedom Cage is the brilliantly oxymoronic name given to the small chunk of asphalt designated as the place of protest outside the Pepsi Center for the Democratic National Convention. The place is separated from the main event by several rows of fences and is tucked away out of sight, effectively deterring any meaningful protest.